Full Easy Dress Size Chart | Calculator (with full Definition)

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Dress Size Chart : Our Dress Size Chart gives you several choices of dress sizes depending on your personal preference and style. Keep in mind many dress manufacturers sizes will vary a bit so always make sure your measured by a friend or better yet a professional before making your final purchase. Use our dress size chart as a reference.

Dress Size Chart

Dress Size ChartDress Size Calculator

  1. If you need your dress sizes in EU, UK or USA please refer to our Dress Size Calculator which provides a much broader range of sizes. If you don’t have the time to go out and get professionally measured have a friend take your measurements as taking them yourself will provide inaccurate results almost every time. (Read Also : Dress Size Calculator) 
  2. The most important measurements are your waist, bust and hips. Compare the measurements you take with the dress manufacturer of your choice and keep in mind they are all a little different just like shoes from different manufacturers. (Read Also : Mother of the Bride Dresses Tea Length)
  3.  When your ready to pick a dress size make sure that the measurements are equal or larger than yours. For instance, if your bust is 44″ be sure the size you choose has a bust of 44″ or larger as it is much easier for an alteration (even with a slim fit) when you have to much room. Adding material can be either very costly or in many cases just not possible. (Read Also : Dresses to Wear to a Beach Wedding)
  4. Lastly remember that the large majority of dresses and formal wear will need some alterations for your perfect personal fit. Don’t be discouraged when it’s not just right. If you follow these few simple steps you should not run into any major issues getting the dress of your dreams to fit like a glove. (Read Also : Designer Mother Of The Bride Dresses)


Dress Size Chart Definition

Dress Size CalculatorSimply place your thumb beneath the tape measure when taking your bust measurement be sure your wearing just your undergarments and or no clothing to constricting.

Dress Size Calculator

To find “Your” waist, bend to the right or left, the deepest point are your waist. Diagram B.  Measure your waist to the closest half inch. Diagram C.

Dress Size Chart

I don’t think the hip measurement needs much explanation just be sure and have tight fitting clothes on or measure your hips in just your undergarments.

Remember always have someone else take your measurements and then refer to the dress size chart.

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