Elf Fancy Dress Outfits – 5 Ideas to Make Christmas Elf Costumes Look Authentic

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 Elf Costumes Look : Elf fancy dress outfits are second only to Santa suits when it comes to the most popular types of costumes over the holiday period like Valentines Day and Christmas period. There are quite a few different kinds of Christmas elf costumes to choose from on the specialist online websites, from the traditional green and red Santa’s helper Cute fashion outfits to the sultry and sexy elf mini dresses.

Elf fancy dress outfits
Elf fancy dress outfits Ideas

Best Elf Fancy Dress Outfits

This article is concerned with the more traditional Christmas elf costumes, which are usually based around an oversized green tunic, with a big black belt, and red trousers or shorts. On the whole the elf fancy dress outfits available today are pretty good outfits ideas, but if you want your Christmas elf costumes to look really awesome then you are going to need to purchase some cool accessories.

Below we look at five different types of accessories to help make your elf fancy dress outfits look as authentic as they possibly can.

1. Red and Green Hat With Bells

If you have bought one of those Christmas elf costumes that does not come with a hat then a unisex green and red Christmas elf hat is a must. Personally, I think the elf hat design with bells is especially good.

2. Thick Translucent Tights

If your costume is one of those elf fancy dress outfits that has short trousers then you should definitely get some tights to help complete the look. You might want to get some green thick translucent tights or if you want a more fun look then you could get some tights with a red and green leg.

3. Pixie Ears

You may now have a convincing looking costume, but to make your character look convincing then you need to make yourself up to look like an elf. One of the best ways to do this is to buy some soft vinyl pointed elf ears, which will transform your look in an instant.

4. Make-up

As well as getting some vinyl pixie ears you should also take the time to apply some make-up to achieve that elven look. It is definitely worth getting a fine make up brush of professional quality, so that you can add tiny details, as well as good quality face paints.

5. Elven Footwear

As with most fancy dress costumes, wearing the right footwear is essential if you want to create a totally authentic looking outfit. A pair of unisex green faux suede slip on elf shoes with the traditional curly toes are the perfect finishing touch.

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