The 5 Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Tips for Mothers

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Pregnancy safe skin care : Happen mom want special care. As it is in his diet and rest, he is also important in the pregnancy safe skin care. There is no alternative to keeping yourself well during the special life of the child for the betterment of the child. Naturally different physical changes occurred at the time. All parts of the skin are black or become chaotic or staining marks (Strya or Stretch Mark). It is important to think of these problems as normal.

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care
Pregnancy Safe Skin Care

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care

Assistant Professor of Disease Department of  Medical College and Hospital SM Bakhtiar Kamal said, “Problems like meats or itching may occur during pregnancy. If there is allergic eczema on the skin then it may increase. The blisters may be found in the trace marks. As well as itching, any part of the skin may swell. There is no rash on the skin if you have to itch due to jaundice. Take care when you are in trouble. And in the dark of the skin, the baby is reduced to approximately six months after birth. But there are some trace marks. ‘

Harmony Spas Ayurvedic Morphologist Rahima Sultana said, there may be some skin problems from the time of the pregnancy. The brightness of someone’s skin decreases. Some people suffer from hair fall problems.

5 Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Tips for Mothers

Here are 5 Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Tips for Mothers In order to be good, it is generally advisable to take care of yourself in a very simple way –

1. Facial Skin

Regularly clean facial skin. Scrubbing 1 to 2 weeks a week. To prepare the scrap in the house, add half a cup of liquid milk and 1 teaspoon honey with 2 tablespoon rice powder.
If you want to go to Paralar twice a month can be facialed. The week that is being facialed, there is no need to scrub the house in that week.

2. Thickness in the Neck

You can create a mask at home to reduce the darkness of neck. Mask can be made by mixing 2 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon of lentil daal and 1 teaspoon honey. You can use the mask 1 to 2 times a week.

3. Oil and Moisturizer

Use moisturizers after bathing. Stomach, thighs, and other parts of the body may explode into the scars. So add oil, glycerine, petroleum jelly, moisturizing cream or lotion to the whole body every day. If possible, use it several times a day.

4. Hand-foot Separate Care

You can scrub hands and feet at home. If you want to massage the feet in Parlor as a pregnancy service (pre-natal care). Manicure and pedicure can be done. You can take these services once a month.

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Tips

Some of the Alert
  • Avoid the services you need to be tempted to get in the beauty parlor.
  • To take care of your own feet at home is to be prostrate. So get help from anyone else at home or take this service at Parlor.
  • Many people have swollen feet while sitting for a long time.
  • Do not take such a service, so that you have to sit for a long time.
  • Cleaning or cleaning of any skin materials (oil, water, face etc) on the floor, as soon as possible, clean with the help of anyone; So that neither you nor anyone else slips.
  • Do not pick up any materials (or box) of decor or skin care that is heavy.

Pregnant Mother Room Environment

Even after being a mother, there are many changes in every girl’s life. Not only physical, it is important to keep mentally healthy at times. It is absolutely necessary to keep the environment clean where he lives. Besides, the mother’s room should be arranged in such a way that the mind will be cheerful after entering the house.

The orthodox Gulshan Nasrin Chowdhury said that it is better not to have too much furniture in the new mother’s house. This will keep the inner atmosphere intact. Along with this, you will have to avoid using a small low-floor furniture. The wall of the house is very important. The color that is in the eye or cannot be messed up on some walls. The wall will be painted in the color that gives peace to the eyes. The light of the new mother’s house is also very important. Lamp shades can be used as well as with direct lighting. Lampshade lamps make the environment of the house moody. Which will help the new mother sleep

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Architect Mehrun Farzana, the architect of the interior building, said that in the new mother’s house, the light of the sun could enter in the light of it, it should also be kept in mind. It’s good for both new mothers and young children. For this reason, the position of the cot is close to the window. If possible, use the two-ward screen. The bottom layer will be light net and upper screen heavy cloth. If it is not possible, then you can put a light blue, tia-green screen.

The new mother spent most of the time with the child. He does not get the time to rest separately. For this, light music can be arranged in the mother’s house. Songs can play in his choice. Plants bring home to the living room. Small trees can be kept in the mother’s house.

What Skin Care Products Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Perkins are here of the girls glasses. And today we’re getting into skincare. That is safe or not safe for pregnancy. We just have some concerns about what. We’re using and right so we’ve started. Doing some research and then it’s like. More more things it’s kind of crazy town. But we just wanted to open up the. Conversation we’re not we’re not we’re. Not your ob so don’t we know we’re not. Trying to be like the official right.

Source on it all bit if you have a. Concern about a product that you’re. Using often or something you’re doing. Talk to your doctor yeah number one so. Number one there’s a lot of talk about. Parabens in general not being good that. Is something that is definitely source. To something you want to avoid during. Pregnancy. Yeah where I got to is most of the stuff. That is in this it’s like it’s not good. For us anyway right so of course it’s.

Not good when you’re creating especially. Not good you’re crazy for right so and. Again you know what parabens kind of bad. Rap but they’re really uses as two. Preservative to keep creams from going. Bad so my mom had done a lot of research. On parabens and it’s like they were. Meted necessary but again during. Pregnancy going to be especially careful. And so that we found is that parabens. They’re listed as a propyl butyl methyl. And so if your products say that and. Some of them don’t say just paraben on. It yeah but I will say that most of the. Products that do not have parabens on.

That will list right on it no parabens. Like this one right now – okay hibiscus. Body lotion itself right on here no peel. Carrots. That’s good retinol is another one that. I just started using while I was. Pregnant I was like oh I just grabbed a. Like out regina yeah neutrogena la so. Now I gotta like pull that off till. After I’m pregnant and get a new. Moisturizer for my Article it’s another. One of those ingredients that’s in a lot. Of moisturizers because it’s the thing.

That combats wrinkles and it’s anti. Anything this is anti aging on it or. Something about defense against wrinkles. It likely has retinoids yeah which. Retinoids are just usually retinol. Retinyl a oral retinoids are the ones. That are especially writers we often. Have some we’re putting in your body. Right they show a nice of birth defects. So just you know what we’re pregnant we. Just have to sacrifice and then when. You’re getting into your your acne. Treatment a lot of women get acne during. Pregnancy and it’s really discouraging. Because the main products you can use to. Treat them and we shouldn’t use so the. Number one being salicylic acid um so. Many acne products face washes scrubs. Have salicylic acid in it so you want to. Make sure that you read your label and.

It’s usually right on the front that. One’s really easy to spot I’ve heard the. Under 2% and small doses here and there. Could be okay topical but but if you. Need more than that you should just try. To find something else I ordered. Suck it up would be like just I look. Like I’m 13 me and nothing but bloody I. Do get the breakout asian alee so I’ve. Been using a witch hazel which is. Natural and it is safe from bears just. As a overall it’s really great for your. Skin just in general even if you don’t. Have breakouts and then for the. Occasional breakout now it’s safer to. Use benzoyl peroxide again in small. Doses a little bit here and there.

Helps cleared up so let’s talk about. Nail polish so there’s three main. Ingredients there’s that you want to try. To skip yes so it’s dvp toluene and. Formaldehyde we also read a lot about. Nail salons in general if there’s a. Super chemical smell which most of them. Out that’s not a good place for us to be. Or pronate a lot of times you gotta. Splurge we have a nicer places are the. One that had a ventilation or using.

Products they’re not highly. Chemical based yeah so splurge a little. Bit and. Go to the nice one same with the nail. Polish the more higher environment to be. Cleaner yeah and the cheapy one. And speaking of formaldehyde which is in. Nail polish. They don’t want we also found out that. It’s in our last glue treatment using. Which we never reviewed we don’t the. Article for you guys we’re putting this on. Our eyes I just got this out today we’re. Like oh we both are hammer I live above. Right they it so um I did breathe duo. Who’s like it’s like a leading did you. Have one that doesn’t happen and it’s. Called do a brush on strip lash adhesive. And it’s in a green box so that one. Which maybe the work is good but all. Your prep nick I’ve used it once ii but. You know again you do what you have to. Do jack tyson’s sacrifices let’s see the.

Next thing is sunscreen so sunscreen is. Always I guess social when you’re. Pregnant yes you your skin can react. Differently to think huh so the sun is. One of those things that you can be even. More sensitive than normal so you want. To make sure you’re putting some welcome. But more of a mineral block I’m really. Sad because one of the sunscreens I. Bought which was this one um has one of. The chemicals in the sunscreen because I.

Like I did a pump and just pretty all. Over in the morning super easy yeah but. One of the ingredients they said that. You want to avoid during pregnancy is. Off octonauts eight and it’s a more. Chemical block in there then there it is. And also this is full of parabens I. Found this one with it’s organic and I. Spf 30 and as the bit two minerals that. You want to look for are the titanium.

Dioxide and zinc oxide those are good. Other things that we saw that when we’re. Doing our research is tanning products. And again I think you need to be careful. With tanning products because your skin. Could react differently sure to them.

First of all uh-huh but also again the. Spring ones that are all up in your face. That you’re inhaling you want to stay. Away again if you can’t be in the more. The creams or the foams is this a good.

One or so I thought it was a good one. But after doing the research one of the. Products make me want I know so so this. Is think this is the same you can go as. Crazy as you want. [music]. Ask your doctor your doctor might say. Your doctor might be super lenient be. Like go for it and I personally feel. Like I’m not a huge put her honor. Obsessive like I don’t wear a heavy. Stuff I don’t it’s not prettier national. Financial routine so I feel like if I’m.

Using a little things here and there I’m. Probably going to be okay. It’s all about how often you’re doing it. So the product you want to avoid is the. Dha just a hydroxy acetone and that is. Found in spray tanners and it was. Actually the third ingredient founded. This one me to talk about teeth. Whitening so what I’ve read is that. Teeth teeth whitening kits that doctors. Are a little not sure because then it’s. Inconclusive like what it can be side. Effects so they just say for now skip it. Go towards more of a whitening. Toothpaste cystic awesome so there’s. That okay next is like hair removal.

Creams anyway they said that these are. Generally safe if you were to read the. Door. And use them exactly as said okay um but. Then I ragazzi vaughn for 10 minutes. Don’t we mock don’t leave it on for 20. Minutes on however I also read something.

Else that said feel glycolic acid is. Something I found and I don’t have the. Label in here anymore but it’s said to. Look for that and to avoid that but a. Doctor also went on record saying that. It’s actually okay used probably most in. Your legs maybe you want to be a little. More careful when you’re getting closer. To other parts wait there you go. Was that confusing or what no it’s like. It’s a round hole hey to end this as a. General rule if you have questions.

Obviously ask your doctor so there’s a. Lot of gray area and you really only. Have to come up with a game plan for you. And what you feel comfortable and. There’s something in your routine all. The time I’m just looking at look in the. Back of those problems we’re kind of.

Being aware of what’s in them yeah I. Know anything that that you’re using on. Large parts of your body those ones are. Probably especially something you should. Think about maybe guys so much for. reading we believe as yourselves. Instead of eating way more coffee use. Yeah you know subscribe you want more. Articles follow along with us as we’re. Both pregnant going through this journey. Yeah awesome alright thank you guys I. Really uh

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